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The Leeds Journal of Law & Criminology

The Leeds Journal of Law & Criminology

The Leeds Journal of Law & Criminology aims to establish a permanent showcase of outstanding peer-reviewed work. Simultaneously it provides University of Leeds School of Law students the opportunity to acquire experience in an academic editing process. We seek to strengthen the student-led academic discourse within the School and contribute to collective knowledge.

The journal is open to students of all degree and year levels, thus providing an opportunity for the cross-fertilisation of ideas between undergraduates and postgraduates as well as between criminology and law disciplines. We hope the journal serves to increase student voice within academia, enrich interdisciplinary academic studies and provide nuanced legal and policy recommendations.

In future editions, we envisage this Journal to produce special editions tailored to academic conference papers and exceptional writings for specific modules. Furthermore we hope to extend the call for papers to include authors beyond the University of Leeds.

We thank the Leeds Student Law Society and University of Leeds School of Law staff for their on-going support in establishing this journal.

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